Adult Learner

Adult / Alumni Learner Tuition Payment

Remember, parents, grandparents, and guardians do not have to sit idly by on the sidelines while their children get to make music and have all the fun.  Why not join us as well?  Have you always wanted to learn clarinet or perhaps trumpet?  Maybe you already play an instrument or had at some point in the past?  Is there a venerable, vintage instrument of some kind or another hiding tucked away in a secluded closet or dusty attic somewhere just waiting to be picked up and played again?  Go grab it and join us!  Don't worry, if an instrument is needed to come join and learn with us, we probably have one that can be rented at low cost.  Come learn alongside your student while contributing your own unique maturity and expertise to the ensemble!  If you're an area musician or an NHME alumni with no place to play during the fall or winter, keep that embouchure in shape and join the fun with NHME!