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NHME's programs and an ever-expanding list of homeschool music organizations across the state deliver a superlative level of musical instruction that has become the envy and model for many organizations nationwide. NHME helped found the Michigan Homeschool Music Network (MHSMN), a statewide association providing performance events such as Solo & Ensemble festivals, and a professional academy dedicated to excellence in music instruction. Along with HSMA, OHMI, and many other homeschool bands and orchestras, NHME proudly participates in the Youth Arts Coalition to foster high achievement in arts education and appreciation for future generations through adjudication experiences and honors opportunities.

Proven Record & Accomplishment

Baritone Lessons

NHME is proud of its record of sending qualified students to state honors band, honors strings, and honors choirs.  Our young musicians demonstrate a mature and remarkable ability to join with other great, area ensembles and notable musicians for joint performances such as the Straits Area Concert Band, the Siena Heights Youth Orchestra, the National Guard Air Force Band of the Great Lakes, and the Adrian City Band.  NHME is proud of its students who have gone on to college and earned scholarships based on their musical ability.  NHME is proud of its former students who now play as adults with respected ensembles such as the Tecumseh Pops Orchestra, the Dexter Community Band, and the ensembles of the River Raisin Center for the Arts.  Likewise, NHME is proud of its fifteen-year tradition of scheduling joint rehearsals, speciality clinics, and workshops with local colleges, area universities, and professional ensembles such as the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra.

What Our Classes are Like

Violin Lessons

A student learning in our class will find a safe, fun, and welcoming atmosphere filled with kids in similar circumstances all focused on the idea of making music together.  Our students are treated respectfully by the instructional staff as well as by each other.  There won’t be some scary, authoritative commander up front issuing demands from behind the lectern; instead, we’ll find a patient and understanding conductor guiding and facilitating a learning environment.  The instructor will hold high expectations and ask for the best, challenging the student to grow, but we’ll never request perfection, only excellence.  In our ensembles, we don’t compete amongst ourselves for rankings, placements, or “chairs”.  We instead work together as a team to produce the best possible musical performances for our friends and families.  We also share the solos, share first through fourth parts, and freely share hints & tips with one another to achieve the best out of our instruments.  At NHME, your student won’t suffer the curse of low expectations and delayed development.  In our class, the student will be asked to try hard and give it their all; we will get to see them rise up, meet the challenges head on, and achieve mastery of a skill that will provide them a lifetime of joy, true self-esteem, and real sense of accomplishment.  All that, and it's fun too!

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Music is Our Mission

Homeschool Music Lessons

At NHME, we focus solely on giving our students the best music-educational experience possible.  Music is our core subject and only course of study, because it translates into more proficiency in problem solving, greater gains in creative thinking, and positive improvement in all other disciplines and intelligences.  We regard music as a fundamental, foundational topic vital to any rigorous curriculum.  Any proposed plan of study would be sorely lacking and incomplete without a musical component.  Demographic data shows that out of one hundred people, ten play a musical instrument.  Of those ten, one plays really well.  Here's the shocker:  the people that are the doctors, scientists, attorneys, mayors, ministers, council members, representatives, business owners, and CEOs—the leaders of society—are those ten people who play musical instruments!  Music is not just some extra-curricular exercise; it's of extraordinary importance to giving our children the best possible preparation for the future.  Now it's your turn. Will you give your child the "Gift of Music?"


Enrichment & Support


NHME comes alongside to bolster a family's homeschooling endeavors.  As a partner in your educational efforts, NHME enriches curriculum and invigorates learning plans with an activity that yields substantial, lifelong advantages to our talented pupils.  They'll find their musical pursuits simply fun, immensely enjoyable, and even stress-relieving.  Our classes and ensembles become another resource of social, emotional, and informational support for exhausted educators, talented tutors, perplexed parents, smart scholars, and incredible instrumentalists throughout their homeschooling journey!  Learn more:

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Doug White, Director of the   Straits Area Concert Band, discussing joint performances with NHME.

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Visit a class, speak with a director, talk to parents, and even see real-live students in action!  Let us know ahead of time that you're coming, and we'll be ready and looking forward to your arrival.

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Music & Sports

Or, is it music vs. sports?  Sports training is often regarded as a better beginning for adult life than music.  Peruse the research on music study, however, and your choice will be music education.  Why not both?  NHME does not discourage participation in sports.  We do recommend that parents carefully consider all the information at hand to discover what a gift learning music can be for their children.


What is Excellence?

At NHME, we strive for excellence, not perfection, in all we do both as teachers and as learners. Excellence is achieving the best sound and most pleasing musicality from your instrument; it's making the instrument an extension of the student where expression flows forth with ease, grace, and dignity. Perfection is the unrealistic, unattainable ideal sure only to frustrate. Excellence can be learned. It is, therefore, not a virtue or something born innately like natural talent. Excellence is a habit that we nurture and develop. We'll lead the way and show you how!


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Ready to sign up?  Follow the link below to submit an online enrollment registration.  Remember, parents do not have to sit idly by at NHME while their children get to learn and have all the fun.  Why not join us as well?  Have you always wanted to learn clarinet or perhaps trumpet?  Maybe you already play an instrument or had at some point in the past?  Come learn alongside your student while contributing your own unique maturity and expertise to the ensemble!

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