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We're glad to have you with us!  Please enter the requested information in the form below to register a student for their desired classes.  Our website is secure, and your information is private (find the green, padlock icon on your web-browser's address bar indicating a valid SSL certificate).  We only use this data for attendance, communication, and remuneration purposes.  If a mistake happens, simply clear the form, re-enter the data, leave a note in the message field about the mishap, and press submit once more.  Red boxed fields require an entry prior to submittal. Thank-you!  We look forward to seeing you in class.  If the form is not working or the secure padlock does not show up, just print this page using your browser's print button or fill out a hardcopy form here.  Mail it to our correspondence address or bring it to class.  Thanks!

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$45 per ensemble per month for student aged learners. $15 per ensemble per month for adult learners. $150 per session for camp attendees. (An ensemble, like Concert Band, can have 4 to 10 "classes" or rehearsals available each month.)
Please indicate which ensemble(s) the musician will be attending (please see schedule).
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Ella & Grace

Tuition is $45 per ensemble each month for student learners and $15 per ensemble each month for adult learners.
When available, NHME's instruments may be rented for $15 each month.

Tuition is due at the beginning of each month or payable by lump sum at the beginning of the semester or term.  When available, payments can be made securely online via credit card using either the Stripe or PayPal payment processes. 

If using a personal check, please make the check out to: National Homeschool Music Ensembles or NHME
If using personal checks, please send correspondence to:

NHME c/o D. Rennie
11210 Stewart Road
Dundee, MI  48131

Please review our Policies & Procedures by following the link.  NHME welcomes any student musician or adult learner (parents / siblings / grandparents) that can attend rehearsals at the scheduled time.

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