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Is giving your children the gift of music an important concern? Considering the addition of an enriching arts class to a plan of study? Bored with playing solo at private lessons and seeking an ensemble experience? Wondering if a choir, band, or orchestra is available to homeschoolers? Look no further! Here's an excellent instructional-music program that won't break the bank. National Homeschool Music Ensembles, a 501(c)(3) charitable, nonprofit organization, has demonstrated for over twenty years the ability to provide just such a musical experience—literally a lifetime skill of great benefit! Take a look around to find out how we can assist in preparing tomorrow's leaders today through music.

Music is Beneficial!

Trumpet Lessons

Greater comprehension, higher cognition, better grades in math, improved language skills — all these advantages come from studying music.  Plus, gain the satisfaction and earn the self-esteem that comes from mastering an enjoyable and fun endeavor.  We should all learn music!  

What We Do:

Clarinet Lessons

The growing and expanding homeschool-music programs in Michigan provide an unparalleled musical learning experience that's become the envy of university music directors statewide and an innovative model for new programs starting up across the country.  NHME's advanced students typically perform on par or better then first-year college or university freshman ensembles.

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Drum Lessons

Which Instrument should we learn?  Where do we get one?  How much does it cost?  How do we start?  What else do we need?  What about tuition? Where do we learn?  When are the classes?  Who is the teacher?

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We're reserving seats in our ensembles for the start of our 25th Season in September!  See the Schedule Page for details and check out our Descriptions Page to find the class that's right for your musicians.  Don't delay, save your spot today by enrolling and registering right away!

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