2017 - 2018



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`Please check the ensembles the student hopes to attend.

Tecumseh, Michigan

909 Burt St.

Tecumseh, MI


Ann Arbor, Michigan

Pittsfield Grange, Ann Arbor-Saline Road

Ann Arbor, MI


Concert Band                                9--11


Concert Band                                 9--11


Percussion Ensemble                11--12:30


Choir                                             11--12:30


Beginning Band                           12:30--2


Beginning Band                            12:30--2


Advanced String Ensemble         2--3:30


Advanced String Ensemble          2--3:30


Beginning String Ensemble         3:30--5


Beginning String Ensemble          3:30--5


Please send each application (with a $30 first month fee for new students) to:

                                                Katherine Johnson, Assistant Director

                                                National Homeschool Music Ensembles, Inc.

                                                712 Oxford Road

                                                Ypsilanti, MI  48197-2146


NHME has found that students need at least a full year’s commitment to the program in order to receive lasting benefit.  Tuition may be paid monthly or by the term.


Monthly payment for each student will be             $30 for the first music class

                                                                        $25 for the second music class

                                                                        $20 for each additional class


Band instruments, when available, rent for $15 per month; string instruments for $25.


Questions?        email Mr. Dobrosky at

                        telephone Mr. Dobrosky at 517-423-4314

                        email Ms Johnson at

                        telephone Ms. Johnson at 734-905-7282.


                        Yours For Great Bands!

                                                Donald S. Dobrosky Sr., Director/CEO





If a student is enrolled in band and pays $30, the second class, such as strings, would be an additional $25 per month, for a total of $55 per month.

If the same student wishes to be a part of a third ensemble, such as choir, then there is another $20 per month charge, for a total of $75 per month.


Parents are invited to learn with their student musicians by taking up the instrument of their choice.  Parents who are currently musicians are invited to join with either the beginning or advanced group.  Parents also contribute to NHME’s success with a $15 per month charge.


Student musicians who already have musical background from another program or private lessons are encouraged to join us, as are retired or older musicians who would like to share their musical experience, strength and hope with a new generation.


NHME reserves the right to place new students in its ensembles based on performance skills presented at their first rehearsal.