2017- 2018



          NHME would not be doing its job unless we shared with you the current state of the band and string instrument market.  As you may know, the economic climate over the past 25 years has led many manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, to cut corners on production.  Unfortunately the quality of instruments from these companies has deteriorated to such a degree that some of the instruments will never play in tune because they are not the proper length.  Brass instruments are made with no serial number, out of such thin metal they can not be repaired without burning through the metal, destroying the instrument. Woodwind instruments are made for which no repair parts are available, with keys of white metal that bend easily and can not be straightened or adjusted without fracturing -- again creating a situation where the instrument cannot be repaired.

          There are good ways of finding used instruments which beat anything on the market today. NHME encourages you to let our experience help you in instrument purchase.  Instruments need not be an expensive purchase, but we urge you not to waste money on a horn that is not repairable, too thin, or the wrong length.


                                                                   Mr. Donald S. “Doby”  Dobrosky, Sr.

                                                                   Director/CEO, NHME