"Excellence is a habit, not an act." (Aristotle)

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Is giving your children the gift of music an important concern?

Are you looking for a homeschool music program that is both excellent and affordable?

National Homeschool Music Ensembles a 501-C3 non-profit has demonstrated for the last seventeen years the ability to provide such a musical experience-- literally a lifetime skill of great benefit.  You are welcome to talk with parents already in the NHME program, and hear from them about our music teaching excellence, and talk about the strides others have made in NHME as they learn about music.  NHME stands with the national standards for education which proclaim music a core subject.  Why?  Because the learning skills of application and synthesis are taught in every class, and parents see their students attain improved skills in math, reading, science, abstract thought, and problem solving.  Peruse the research on music study, and your choice will be music education.  Sports are often considered a better beginning for adult life than music.  Why not both?  NHME does not discourage participation in sports; we do recommend that parents look carefully at the information at hand to discover what a gift music can be for their children.

        NHME is proud of its record of sending qualified students to state home school Honors Band, Honors Strings, and Honors Choir Students demonstrate their ability to join with other great home school music students from all over Michigan to play and share.  NHME is proud of its students who have gone on to college and earned scholarships based on their music.  NHME is proud of its former students who now play with adult ensembles.  Likewise, NHME is proud of its fourteen-year tradition of scheduling joint rehearsals with college ensembles.  NHME is happy to be a member of the Michigan Home School Music Network. the state home school music association which provides events such as home school Solo and Ensemble, Honors Ensembles, and Home School Music Festival.

        NHME and the ten other homeschool music programs in Michigan are providing a musical learning experience which is not duplicated in the public schools. Our experience at NHME shows that our students typically play ahead of the curve.  Our advanced group is playing on an early college level.  We are committed to teaching the foundations of music theory, solfège, counting, and reading, while we pursue musical excellence at all levels. 

        I invite you to call or come in for a visit. NHME will have its 2017 String Camp at the Pittsfield Grange in Ann Arbor from June 5th to June 9th --- 9 am until 3:30 pm each day.  NHME has 2017 Band Camp in Tecumseh July 17th through the 21st --- 9 am until 3:30 pm each day. 

NHME would love to answer your questions!  Email, or call 734-905-7282 or 517-423-4314.

        A short reminder: Because of the large number of students now a part of the NHME program, it is difficult to sort out the details (which instrument?  where do I get an instrument?  which group?) for everyone during the first two weeks of Sept.  Please contact us early if you are considering classes this year.  Having everything in place for your student when classes begin provides a smooth and seamless experience for them as they begin learning music with NHME.



NHME stands for excellence and strives to be the finest music instruction program in southeast Michigan.  We are proud to serve the home school community in Lenawee, Washtenaw, and Monroe counties with a high quality and comprehensive music program.

For information, email Mr. Dobrosky at or call Ms Johnson at (734) 905-7282.